Document Library

Collecting government documents related to the LGBT Purge is one of the Fund’s core activities and legally mandated under the terms of the class action settlement. Details of this mandate are found in Schedule L of the final settlement agreement. We are pleased to share what we have already received, although active efforts are ongoing to collect all Purge-related records held by the government.  

The documents grouped below have not been edited. They are posted in the form they were received and titled with a government-issued identification number. This number system is not, in and of itself, a significant identifier of the documents. The visual clarity of each document varies and most are in English. While we acknowledge that there is work to be done to summarize these records, we have chosen to make them publicly accessible now in their current state.

The LGBT Purge Fund contracted former member of parliament, Svend Robinson, to work on the collection of these documents, to review them and to identify gaps. His deep review of these thousands of documents led to their structural organization and to the identification of key documents, highlighted in blue in the categories below. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the incredibly valuable work of Svend Robinson, Canada’s first openly gay member of parliament and a champion for many who were victimized by the LGBT Purge and government oppression. More information on our efforts to gather these documents will be posted in the future. 

Terms of use: These documents are available to the public for review, research and educational purposes. They are free to use, but we ask that you kindly give attribution to the LGBT Purge Fund in doing so. The documents must be used in context and may not be used to promote discrimination, harassment, hatred or violence against any person or group. The Purge Fund reserves the right to take action to prevent the misuse of these documents