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Why we're here

Between the 1950s and mid-1990s, LGBT members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the RCMP and the federal public service were systematically discriminated against, harassed and often fired as a matter of policy and sanctioned practice. In what came to be known as the “LGBT Purge”, people were followed, interrogated, abused and traumatized by their own government.

In 2016, survivors of the LGBT Purge launched a nation-wide class action lawsuit against the Canadian government, and a historic settlement was reached in June 2018. As well as compensating survivors, this settlement allocated funds for reconciliation and memorialization measures.

The LGBT Purge Fund is a not-for-profit corporation that was set up to manage these funds. The Board is composed of six members, and includes LGBT Purge survivors, class action plaintiffs and a representative of the legal team that challenged the Canadian government.

What we do

The LGBT Purge Fund is legally required to use the funds from the LGBT Purge settlement for specific reconciliation and memorialization projects.

  • The 2SLGBTQI+ National Monument will be a visible landmark that acknowledges discrimination experienced by Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ community, and specifically the abuse perpetrated during the LGBT Purge. The monument will be located in Ottawa.

  • An exhibition on the LGBT Purge at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg is being planned. The launch date for the exhibition has not yet been determined.

  • We are collaborating with the Government of Canada to collect historical documents related to the LGBT Purge.

  • We are working to improve training on 2SLGBTQI+ inclusion in the federal government workplace.

  • Community grants are also administered by the LGBT Purge Fund and awarded for projects that memorialize the LGBT Purge and/or provide support to those affected.

2023 was a big year for a number of our team members.

For one, our Chair, Martine Roy, was awarded the Order of Canada for her tireless efforts as an executive leader, activist and advocate of diversity, inclusion and equity in Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ communities. Congratulations Martine! We are so proud of you.

In 2023, […]

Who we are

LGBT Purge Fund is a non-profit corporation with six Directors, who all serve as volunteers.

Martine Roy (Chair), Todd Ross, Diane Pitre, Wayne Davis and Linda Goguen-Manning are survivors of the LGBT Purge.

Douglas Elliott was the lead lawyer on the class action lawsuit.

Michelle Douglas is the Executive Director of the LGBT Purge Fund and also a LGBT Purge survivor.


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