Statement regarding allegations of racism & homophobia at the CMHR

The LGBT Purge Fund has just become aware of very serious allegations of racism and homophobia at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), as reported in the news media.

The LGBT Purge Fund was created as a result of a class action lawsuit with the primary purpose to memorialize this tragic chapter in our history and to build reconciliation between the federal government and the LGBT community following the homophobia and other forms of systemic discrimination experienced by thousands of LGBTQ2+ Canadians who worked in the federal public service, the RCMP or the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Fund is required by the settlement and Court order to mount a major exhibit at the CMHR about the LGBT Purge. In this context, we reacted with shock and sadness to the allegations of workplace racism and homophobia at the CMHR. The allegations are very serious and must be met with an equally serious response.

Immediately upon learning of these allegations, we contacted Museum officials to share how deeply troubled and shaken we were by the nature of the claims. Specifically, we asked for a complete and fully transparent accounting of what has happened, along with a corrective action plan.

Although we were reassured by the launch of an independent workplace review process and independent investigation, as well as by the quick and serious response of CMHR leadership in the face of these allegations, we are committed to monitoring this situation – and ensuing actions – extremely closely.

In due time and in coordination with our Board and other key stakeholders, we will make an informed decision about our future collaboration with the CMHR with the objective to uphold our organizational integrity and values, while continuing to honour those who experienced the LGBT Purge.