Special Gifts

The LGBT Purge Fund is honored to keep two eagle feathers: one gifted at the Monument’s First Indigenous Circle by Leigh Thomas, a Two-Spirit non-binary veteran from Pelican Lake First Nation; and the other by Two-Spirit Eagle Clan Michif person from St Boniface, Manitoba and citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario, Benny Michaud. These feathers represent both suffering and resilience.

Benny also created this beautiful and thoughtfully beaded case to carry the feathers. Benny told us that:

“The three poppies are for all Indigenous peoples impacted by the Purge (First Nations, Métis and Inuit). The various stems leading out to the berries represent dreams cut short. The budding flowers represent new beginnings and a return to wellness. There are four, representing the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, the directions and the four sacred waters. All are connected and a part of who we are.”

The Fund carries these feathers as reminders of our connections to natural and spiritual worlds and as symbols of truth-telling. We are sincerely grateful to Benny and Leigh.