Training on Diversity and Inclusion

Training, Diversity and Inclusion

Schedule K of the Final Settlement Agreement requires the LGBT Purge Fund to hire a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to seek ways to improve existing training on LGBTQ2 inclusion in the federal government workplace (including the RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces). In addition, the LGBTQ2 Secretariat, now located within Heritage Canada, will consult with the SME regarding ways to enhance LGBTQ2 inclusion in the Federal workplace.

In light of this mandate, the LGBT Purge Fund launched an open competition in 2019 to select a SME to support the delivery of the terms of Schedule K in the Final Settlement Agreement. The Request For Proposal (RFP) process was posted on the MERX website (leading site for Canadian RFP processes) and was broadly circulated.

After a rigorous, open, bilingual, transparent process, the LGBT Purge Fund is very pleased to announced that we have selected the SME. The successful submission was a joint-partnership made by the following organizations:

Egale Canada Human Rights Trust, Fondation Émergence and Optimus SBR
(“The SME”)

The RFP process that led to the selection of this SME attracted a number of serious, highly qualified and committed organizations and entities. The detailed selection process that was undertaken by the LGBT Purge Fund was supported by a consulting company known as RFP Solutions Inc. The LGBT Purge Fund wishes to thank all those who expressed an interest in, or participated in, this process.

In January 2020, the LGBT Purge Fund signed a contract with The SME to do the work set out in Schedule K. A preliminary planning meeting has already taken place and Phase I work is soon getting underway.

The LGBT Purge Fund will be working closely with The SME to ensure that the work they are doing meets the requirements of our legal agreement and the Schedule K.

The work will be done throughout 2020 by The SME. The LGBT Purge Fund expects that the work will be concluded by the Fall of 2020. Updates on this work will follow later in 2020.

The LGBT Purge Fund is looking forward to working with the excellent team that has been assembled by The SME.