Our Projects

Preliminary work on each of our four main projects has been underway since November 2018. The LGBT Purge Fund is working closely with government partners to fulfill our mandate on these projects. The Final Settlement Agreement and other legal documents provide direct guidance to the LGBT Purge Fund on how we are to implement these projects. For example:

  • The LGBT Purge Fund is working with Canadian Heritage and the National Capital Commission on the national monument project. The project to build the monument will cost a minimum of $8,000,000. According to the court order, the monument will be built in the National Capital Region (i.e. Ottawa / Gatineau).
  • The LGBT Purge Fund is working with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (based in Winnipeg) on the exhibition about the LGBT purge. The exhibition will take a few years to implement. We are planning to have a travelling component to this exhibition so we can share it with more people.
  • The LGBT Purge Fund is working with Library and Archives Canada to collect and make accessible the historical records relating to the LGBT purge. We are in the process of seeking to review the documents that were collected as part of the government’s commitment to collect these documents. As of January 2020, we have yet to get a list of the historical documents that have been collected and assembled by the government.
  • The LGBT Purge Fund is working with the LGBTQ2 Secretariat (Government of Canada) and others to support enhanced training on the LGBT purge and, more broadly, on inclusion and diversity.
  • Updates will be provided on this website as significant advances are made on each project.

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