Historical Documents

Historical Records Project

As part of the LGBT Purge Class Action lawsuit settlement, the government of Canada was obligated to provide historical records relating to the LGBT Purge.

The LGBT Purge Fund has been urging the government to provide these documents so that they can be reviewed and analyzed.

After many months of delay, on January 20, 2020, the government provided the first batch of historical records. Approximately 300 pages of documents were provided in electronic format. We do not have the original documents in our possession.

The LGBT Purge Fund is starting to review these documents and assess what we have been given.

We have engaged a consultant to support us in our work to assess the documents.

We are told by the government that 11,000 pages of material will be provided to the LGBT Purge Fund. It will take a considerable amount of time to review these documents.

The documents we have received do not contain a list of documents, are combined into a single large PDF document, do not contain the ability to search keywords or any (or little) metadata. We are pushing for the documents to be provided to us in a more useful format.

The LGBT Purge Fund intends to make these documents assessible at some point in the future. We are working on how to do that. We are consulting with experts, including ArQuives (formerly the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives). That said, the board of directors of the LGBT Purge Fund has not made any decisions yet about the organization that will be engaged to make these documents accessible.

The work on this project is just beginning and will continue throughout 2020. Our priority is to get the documents into our possession and assess what we have.

Further updates will be provided later in 2020.