The board of directors of the LGBT Purge Fund is pleased to announce that we have hired our first employee. Effective September 19, 2019, Michelle Douglas became the full-time Executive Director of the LGBT Purge Fund.

We are also pleased to announce that Martine Roy will become the Chair of the Board of Directors of the LGBT Purge Fund.

Diane Pitre

On September 24, 1980, she was purged from the Armed Forces after a lengthy 2-year investigation under the CFAO 19-20 “Sexual Deviation – Investigation, Medical Investigation and Disposal for being a homosexual”. She was told that she was a threat to her country because of her sexuality.

The Royal Canadian Mint Marks 50 Years of Progress in the Journey to Equal Rights For LGBTQ2 Canadians With $1 “Equality” Circulation Coin

While Canadians’ are known for their strongly held values of diversity, inclusion and equality, for many years, LGBTQ2 Canadians were not treated equally.