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Interim Policy on Funding


The LGBT Purge Fund is committed to the good management and governance of funds in its possession. We are guided in our work by the terms of the Final Settlement Agreement (FSA) and subsequent agreements as approved by the Federal Court. We are committed to spending funds in a manner that honours and respects the terms of the FSA and in a manner that is wise, responsible and effective. We acknowledge that the funds we manage represents compensation for suffering caused by the LGBT Purge, including the suffering of victims of the LGBT Purge Fund who did not live long enough to be eligible to receive individual compensation under the LGBT Purge settlement. Further, we are committed to honouring and respecting our stakeholders, especially survivors of the LGBT Purge and the surviving partners and family members of deceased victims of the LGBT Purge, and to conducting ourselves with the highest degree of integrity and discharging our duties to the best of our abilities.


The terms of the Final Settlement Agreement state that the LGBT Purge Fund is established to manage a fund, of not less than $15,000,000, that is intended to support “broad-based reconciliation and memorialization measures”. The LGBT Purge Fund is further mandated to “review and determine the allocation of funds for additional projects.”

The LGBT Purge Fund has funds available for the purposes of distribution to individuals, organizations, charities, not-for-profit organizations or other entitles for projects or other initiatives that align with the mandate of the LGBT Purge Fund. The total amount of these funds may range is still being determined by the board of directors.

Priority in the allocation of our funds must be given to the mandatory projects set-out in the Court approved settlement agreements.

These mandatory projects include:

  • Support the curation of a core and/or traveling museum exhibition by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR);
  • Create a National Monument in the National Capital Region;
  • Appoint a non-governmental organization subject-matter expert and work with the LGBTQ2 Secretariat regarding ways to enhance LGBTQ2 inclusion in the Federal workplace and on ways to improve existing training on LGBTQ2 inclusion in the workplace; and
  • Address the collection, preservation and accessibility of historical records and determine which options that the LGBT Purge Fund will pursue to deliver on this. Create a committee of experts which will work, under the direction of the RMMP, to better ensure that any memorialization projects authorized by the RMMP will tell the story of the LGBT Purge fully and fairly based on official records of the purge.

The LGBT Purge Fund is mandated to review and determine the allocation of funds for all projects. The mandate and responsibilities of the LGBT Purge Fund are established by Court Order.

The FSA further clarifies that:

The RMM Panel (now known as the LGBT Purge Fund) will be created to review and determine the allocation of funds for all projects that will memorialize the LGBT Purge and/or provide support to those affected, which include the projects listed in 5.01(a)-(c) and which may include any or all of:

  • Heritage Minutes;
  • academic endowments;
  • funding for local community organizations;
  • additional archive projects, including those undertaken by the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives or Archives Gaies du Québec;
  • scholarships, fellowships or research funding; and/or
  • a Telefilm documentary project.

The Board of Directors of the LGBT Purge Fund does not consider this list of projects or types of projects to be exhaustive or comprehensive; rather, they are illustrative of the types of projects or initiatives that may be considered for funding.

Timeline for funding applications

The Board of Directors has decided that, throughout 2019, urgent, time-sensitive, and/or “unique opportunity” projects will be considered for funding in 2019. Throughout 2019, the LGBT Purge Fund is focusing on setting up the organization and is prioritizing efforts on the four major projects of our mandate as indicated in the FSA.

This interim policy will extend into 2020 until an update to the policy is made by the Board of Directors.


In support of this plan for 2020 and beyond, the Board of Directors  continues to consider policies, criteria and processes to support this call for funding applications. We are also awaiting information on whether the LGBT Purge Fund will receive an additional $10,000,000 from the class action lawsuit settlement. Details about this possible additional payment of $10 million are set out at paragraph 7.04 of the FSA (“Excess Designated Amount”).

Criteria for funding

The FSA clearly indicates that projects or initiatives funded by the LGBT Purge Fund must “memorialize the LGBT Purge and/or provide support to those affected”. The Board of Directors believes those criteria are paramount.

However, the Board of Directors may consider applications for funding that align with, support or complement the paramount criteria. Applications that support reconciliation and/or memorialization measures relative to the LGBT Purge will be considered for funding.

2019 / 2020 Funding Requests

The Board of Directors will consider any application for funding in 2019 and 2020 that is sent in writing (please just send us a document in a Word doc format) to the LGBT Purge Fund that is in accordance with the following criteria:

  • The project, initiative, event (or the like), must be a “one-time” only event and not be of an “on-going nature”. For greater clarity, consideration will be given to requests for conference fees, sponsorship, hospitality, etc.
  • The project must be an urgent, time-sensitive, and/or relate to a “unique opportunity” that supports the paramount criteria. For example, such opportunities might include an event that only occurs in 2019 / 2020 and will not be held again in the future, or at least, not during the time the Fund is expected to be in operation.
  • During 2019 and 2020, funding requests that meet the criteria indicated above, and are less than $100,000, will be given consideration.
  • Only extraordinary applications that seek funding for projects in excess of $100,000 in 2019 / 2020 will be considered, particularly in light of the fact that the Board of Directors is developing robust policies, processes and criteria regarding our intended broad call for applications for funding at some point in 2020 and beyond.
  • The Board of Directors of the LGBT Purge Fund is the sole and final decision-maker on all requests for funding.

Process for applications

All written applications submitted in 2019 / 2020 must provide the following:

  • A description of the requesting organization, entity or person(s) seeking the funds. Indicate the amount of funds being sought;
  • Contact details (phone # and mailing address) of the requestor(s);
  • A description of the scope and plan for the event, project or initiative;
  • A description of how it supports the paramount criteria (i.e. how does it “memorialize the LGBT Purge and/or provide support to those affected”?) or other criteria that has been identified by the LGBT Purge Fund;
  • A detailed event/project budget indicating how the funds will be used;
  • Names and positions of individuals who will be responsible for implementing the project, event or initiative in the manner indicated;
  • A commitment to send the LGBT Purge Fund a written report, within 30 days following the event, project or initiative. The report must provide an accounting of how the funds were used and of details of attainment of objectives set out in the scope and plan;
  • A letter or email is an acceptable form of application for funding;
  • Applications may be submitted in English or French; and
  • The addresses for applications include:
  • LGBT Purge Fund
    5 Beechwood Avenue
    P O Box 74001
    Ottawa ON K1M 2H9